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Welcome to the home of MBM Plumbing, Line Location and Bobcat Services
Plumbing repairs and maintenance
Septic field service and repairs
MBM Can service almost any plumbing concern, from taps to boilers, water tanks to water purification, renovation and repairs.

Yes, even emergencies. just call us at 204-941-1137
With our Bobcat Service and rural location (near Birds Hill Provincial Park), we are well situated to understand the needs of both Septic and Well Service, maintenance and repairs.

Please call us for more information!
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Water, Well, Drainage and Purification
Sump Pump, Sump Pit, Backwater Valve
MBM is a distributor of several water purification systems, including Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water and UV Light treatment for rural customers.

MBM Bobcat Services allows us to offer drainage, site preparation, snow and dirt removal and more.
Manitoba - the place where where water is either too plentiful, or too limited.

MBM has extensive knowledge and experience in Sump Pump, Pit, and Backwater valve service, maintenance and installations.

Emergencies come with the territory, so call us if you need help urgently
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